I’m sorry Modi ji.

‚ÄčI’m sorry Modi ji, but the real problem with India is not black money. It’s our mindset. As long as it’s out of our comfort zone and as long as it doesn’t comply to our selfish motives, anything, absolutely anything that you do for the country’s development will be criticized by us. We do not actually give a rats arse about this country, we just want our personal needs to be satisfied.  We might stand in long queues outside a TASMAC for hours daily, but we refuse to stand outside a bank for one day because we couldn’t care less about the country. We refuse to exchange our cash because we know, we know that if the banks start asking for proof we’ll be exposed, all of us, and hence we resort to blaming you and cover it up by pretending to give a shit about those daily wagers who actually suffer but are more than happy to contribute towards the country’s development. I’m sorry, Modi ji.